How to help yourself, the series Step 1, Week 1

Hi All,

It is great to see you back this week, last week we started a serie, or should I rather state, we laid the foundation for a new series, it is a number of steps you can take, in order to improve your life, that I will go through, in order to help people that read my blog, and that see my post on Facebook and Twitter.

I am happy to share this material with you, as I am happy to give content to people, so that they can handle these steps on their own. I read today that there is a clear connection between happiness and having a goal or dream to achieve ahead of you. If you have such a dream or goal ahead of you, to achieve, and do not know where to begin, or where to get going, you can follow this series till the end, and you will have a great way to solve many of the steps along the way.

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So to todays little hint:

That is correct, it is important point to start to create a better life. To write down every little or big thing that you are feeling that do not do something great for you. It can be a list of about 100 things, and it might not be that easy to start off. This because, when you have settled for them for a while, you become numb to them.

So point number 1, is to write down the list, in the book I read, the author states that it is important to write it down, that be whether you think you can do something about it or not. These small or big things drain your energy, and makes you not have the energy to do the things you dream of, and it is therefore a very important point to start of with.

My experience

I tried this when I first read this tip, and I must eagerly tell you all, that it had the most incredible effect on me. I could not stand a few things that happened around me. So I wrote them down, not knowing how I could deal with them, but new 3 months later, most of the points has no longer any draining effect on my energy. It is incredible how this has worked.

I find that I am feeling better with myself, better in my relationship with both my partner, my friends and the world in general. I have not noticed many of the changes, they have happened a lot by themselves, or so I would say. I think, what really happens is that the subconscious mind are working on me being aware of the things that drain my energy, and do not let them in. In other words, I have created another habit around these things.

I have a few points left, approximately 20 of them are still there, but some of them are big ones, like me getting healthier, and I am working on them, the reason this annoys me, is that I am unable to do what I want. Taking so many medications as I do now, is one area that I hope I will be able to stripe off my list eventually. So please, listen.

Just, follow this advice, write this list, even if you do not work on them much, there will happen a shift. There will be somethings out of your head that no longer drain your energy. This will lead to more energy to do what you want to do, and this will create more happiness, more energy and more time to start pulling towards your goals and dream.

Good working with you, keep going and have more fun, more energy, more up and go. To you all, till next week, enjoy life, and live it to the fullest.

Greetings to you all


I am a Life Coach, I live in Norway now, have been a teacher, lecturer, academic leader, worked in Banking, and in Call Center. Now I am sick, and had to slow down, so now I do my business over the internet mostly.

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  1. I think writing down what annoys me is so freeing John – thanks for sharing – I’ve got to 18 so far – I am sure there will be many more before the day/week is over.

    1. Hi Breege,

      Yes it helped me a lot too, I felt so much better, and that was from just writing it down.

      Wait till there is gone a few weeks.

      Greetings and good freedom

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