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Hi all my readers,

I know this may be a surprise to some of my readers, but my focus is changing into a new type of coaching, I have been focusing on personal development and businesses. However, I now know something I have not known before. There is a product out there that can be very beneficial for you. I am so happy to bring to you a new product. It is approximately 13 years since it arrived on the market, but it is nearly not known. It can be used by all, athletes, people that want to keep their health, and people that has some sort of ailment.

This will be including 2 different types of product from me. I will add one course where we will use this product to make you become better, this course will last 28 days, and cost NOK 2,000. We will create a better health for you. You will also be able to buy products directly from me, it is also possible to create an income, which you can earn working from home.

So I have kept you in awe for a few paragraphs now, but it is not how it will keep going. You can book a meeting with me at my booking page, or you can find my contact form and send it to me. I will tell you all about the opportunity to join my course or to purchase the products. I want to help you, I know the products work, and are not allowed to claim that it does, but I can tell you what it has done for me. Which has happened in just a little over a week.

You will join my course, which is a health related course, you will get some products included in your pack, and we will have classes when it fit us all. I am therefore not making that much on the course, but I will be happy to show what is possible and what has happened to others. It is good to get together, so, if and when we have a group of people, we will hold one session a week to communicate our results with others, not to compare, but to look at how the products work for all the participants. You will be pleasantly surprised when you hear what the product is, and it is coming with a guarantee.

Otherwise you can call me or send me an email, or send a message on my booking page. This will be great, I will tell you which products you need, and you need these products, as I said, whether you are an athlete or a person that has to stay in bed, you must get this product. The product is doing good things to your cells, and therefore fix you from within. It is an incredible product. I have had good results, but we can talk about that when we talk together.

I look forward to hearing from you all. My results are of course personally, and therefore I do not write them here, but we can chat on the telephone later.

Remember, I am wanting the best for you, and look forward to talking to you, have a wonderful day.


I am a Life Coach, I live in Norway now, have been a teacher, lecturer, academic leader, worked in Banking, and in Call Center. Now I am sick, and had to slow down, so now I do my business over the internet mostly.

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