What is Coaching?

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So today, we will start a series of blog posts, the start of it, will start with the main question, what is coaching? It is what I do, I am going to be doing coaching. So to define it, and what I am doing, is a great way to start of this blog.

Coaching, they say is taking someone from where they are and to move them to where they want to go. Or in another way, fill the gap in someones life. It creates a route to make someone take the steps they want to take, but have not been able to take alone.

I am lucky, I get to be the helper, the mentor and the accountability partner for a person that are going on his life’s journey. Joseph Campbell called it a Hero’s Journey. A Hero’s Journey is purposely a full circle. Because what you do is go away somewhere and come back and teach someone about it. A little like what I did myself, when I moved to Australia, then New Zealand, and then came back to Norway again, 24 years later.

So I have been on my journey, I am back and can teach others about the journey I went on, not only that, but I can tell them about handling the fears and challenges it took to do it. In your life, there will be fears, there will be challenges, and you will have demons that step you on your feet, when you think you are going to make the step. This is one reason the coach can be a great helper, a great mentor and an accountability partner to have by your side.

What is fear? Fear is described in many Hero’s Journey stories, as a dragon, or a monster, or something frightening. A Hero’s Journey story is one of the old stories you read as a child, or like Star Wars, you probably saw at the movies. It is a hero, that beats the villain/s. The fear is what we feel before we step into the Hero’s Journey, by many it is therefore described as what the Hero is afraid of. In real life, our fear is what we have learned during our life.

To fight the fear, we say that the Hero must have courage, but many books states that this is not the case, they state that courage is what you know you have to do, and you do it. While lack of courage keeps you back, and stop you, hold you back. In life, it can be the fear of being ridiculed, the fear of what your family and friends are going to say. This stops you from joining your Hero’s Journey. Thereby missing out on living your bliss.

A bliss, is what you were made to do. That is doing what you just love to do. I have heard many times, that statement that say: ¨If you get to work with what you love, you never work a day in your life¨.

I have been there, even while in New Zealand, I faced another Hero’s Journey, when I faced a choice in my life of what to do next. I worked in a safe job in a bank. I lived a good life. I could stay there, and have a safe income. But due to some circumstances that I do not want to tell the world, I chose to not do that, but rather follow my instinct, and apply to become a lecturer. It was not easy to do, it was hard to really find the right words to describe why I even thought I could become a lecturer, when I had to fill in the reason for my first prospective employer, but I got it. For 11 years I got to live what really showed up to be the dream of my life.

Therefore I want to do more teaching, I am now in a situation where I am not allowed or able to hold down a fulltime job. I have learned to live with that fact now. I have still found that I can be useful to the society. I can use my lecturing and teaching skills, to teach others different things in this world. I can teach them what they want to do, I can teach them economics, I can teach them accounting, I can teach them how to utilize Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I will soon have my Master Certificate in Coaching, and a Certificate in Business Coaching and a Certificate in Marketing, thought by people that teach practical stuff, not theoretical stuff, in other words, they teach you how it works in the real world.

So, now I stand in front of a new Hero’s Journey. I look forward to it. I am glad I am choosing to do this, rather than sit down and live on bread for the rest of my life, I can achieve something, I have wished for since the day I left New Zealand, to go back there, and meet up with my daughter, and take her with me, my fiance and her daughter, and go travelling together as a whole family.

It will be my honor to achieve it, I will be so proud when I do it. I will never let it out of my sight, until we do it. My life, is not worth living until the day we can do it, and even though I have not asked any of the other parties if they want to do it yet, I am sure they will be happy too.

The end of this, will be that, I can take me on this journey, I can help you do this kind of journey, as I have successfully done this twice myself. Come on, what are you waiting for? It is real life, it is not living by the demands and expectations of others. Find the courage, face the dragons (the fear), in fact, love the fear, you will find it is yourself holding you back.

The fear is yourself, yourself projected in the world outside, your real self is within, the world within you. Take the first step, find your journey. Hire me, I can help you on your way. I am ready, I want to take you, I am ready to go thru fire with you. It does not matter if it is big or small. Your first journeys can be small. It is OK. Just take the step, join the Hero’s, live your life.

Live your life as it was meant to be, not as all the others expect you to live.

Good luck, it is your choice.

Have a great decision, I offer free initial sessions, if you just want to discuss it, I am here, ready to join you, in the next few weeks we will look at small steps you can do to create a better life for yourself, right here, right now, without doing the big steps I am talking about.

Have a great week my friends.
Coach Eide


I am a Life Coach, I live in Norway now, have been a teacher, lecturer, academic leader, worked in Banking, and in Call Center. Now I am sick, and had to slow down, so now I do my business over the internet mostly.

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