Hi, my name is John Henning Eide, I am 53 years young :-). I have been working in different jobs throughout my life. Especially I am fond of my time as a lecturer where I worked at 3 different universities in New Zealand lecturing in Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Management and Marketing and as my time as the Academic Leader at the school I spent most of my time.

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Lecturing was fun, it was action packed work, where we as lecturer worked just as much as a social worker as a teacher. This was due to the fact that our students was international students, and many was far away from home for the first time in their life. The students was mainly from China in my first job, where I lecturer in Accounting, mainly from South Korea, China and Russia in my second job, where I lectured mainly in Economics, and in my last job where I lectured in Marketing and Management was all the students from India. So I learned a lot about understanding different cultures, and as I was their only adult connection in this new world they found themselves in, I was very much working as a Life Coach as well. Helping them find their way around their new world. This was one of the reasons I enjoyed working as a lecturer, and why I choose to take certificates in Life Coaching now.

Another part of my life, where I was a Life Coach, was when I was a student at University of Auckland. Since I was a mature student, many of the younger students sought help from me. Especially in the group I was in, with a large proportion of international students. I got into this group because I had to study secondary language English the first year I went to university. After all, I was not a native English speaker, and the policy was such that if I did not score 100% on the test, I was forced to do that class. I scored 99%, and therefore I could not get into university without doing those classes, but those classes meant I learned a lot about writing essays in English academic style and many other forms for written English work, which I had not learned from my school days, so it was a blessing in disguise not to get 100% on that test. It also opened up a door for me to meet a lot of people from many cultures, which I doubt I would have met otherwise, and so I am very happy to have done this. Even though this meant my Bachelor of Commerce became a half year longer than normal university degrees in New Zealand. I enjoy university so much I did not mind the least having to spend an extra half year there.

I have friends from that time, that I have kept in touch with, and they all mention the fact that I was like a rock in their everyday life at that time, while we were studying at university. I helped many of them in a way that a Life Coach would help a person, planning your life, organizing your life, motivate you to keep going when you want to stop up, and also in relationship matters.

So you can see that already without a certificate in Life Coaching I had a lot of experience in doing the work that so many Life Coaches do. In addition I have a childhood behind me, that most would have liked to forget, but I used the trouble in a great way to help people, and I am now grateful for having the experiences I had, even though it was not the most encouraging environments to grow up in. I feel however, that most people have something that was not right in their childhood, so I feel one of many, and not as I did as a teenager, the odd one out. As you live life, you find that problems are opportunities in disguise, and that you can find a way to forgive and forget and move on with your life. Rebuilding of confidence, rebuilding of self worth, rebuilding of managing to do life in a near to normal way again, was not easy, but it was done, I used many years to learn how to do it, and I wish very much that I had had the experience I have just been through now, through Master Key Experience, many years ago, because it would have created a much faster recovery of my situation, but then again, I would not have learned all the things I have learned along the way, and I would be a poorer person for experiences, without the road I have taken.

Now I am ready to help you, I can teach and I can guide, I can tell and I can show, but in the final stage it is you that must drag out of yourself the beauty from within. For even though we do not feel like it, or know it, or agree with it, the fact remains, every human being is the nature’s greatest miracle, every one of us. It is incredible how we can mess up our life, and make ourselves sick, both physically and mentally, by thinking the wrong thoughts. It is also incredible how we can simple find a new path and move on from where we are, onto a great new way. Notice, I said simple, not easy. It is on purpose, there are no easy ways. If things are easy, they are not worth while. Many people give up their ride, and that is a shame. At all stages in life, one can need a Life Coach, whether you are at the bottom or at the top, for we do never arrive at our best, we can always get even better. If you look at an athlete, they do not stop training when they have won the Olympic Gold Medal, they keep training, because they have learned that no matter how good they are, they can always be better. It is also important to know that it is important to have a purpose in life, without one a Life Coach can not help you much, and neither can you or anyone else. One of the hardest things I did when I was at my worst was creating a reason to go on.

In my studies for Life Coaching I have covered the technology of questions, I have learned how to be the guide for a person that want to improve their life. There are as many ways to do it as there are people. One thing our teacher was very keen to install in us was that we shall work with the client and where they are at. That implies that I as a Life Coach might suggest things you can do, but I will always make you aware that for every step of the way it is you that are the final decision maker. In addition, my goal is to teach you to learn to do this a long time after you see me. In other words, my goal is to teach you to be able to take care of yourself, and develop yourself, next time you want to take a step further from where you are at now. Without having to seek back to me, in other words, our goal as Life Coach is to create an independent adult that can handled life on his own, without needing to seek help at every step of the way.

I put high pride in doing well. I enjoy it when I see you succeed. I have met far too many people that are not like that. I am so glad that I have learned to be happy and excited by seeing others succeed. To achieve their goal, knowing that I have been a part of your success is more than enough for me. I have studies in Economics, Accounting, Finance, Political Studies and so I was very focused on numbers when I went through University, but through teaching and lecturing, I found that what I enjoyed most was to work with and help people.

I have now, 3 certificates in Life Coaching. I have 2 certificates in Life Coaching itself, both Practitioner and Master Life Coaching, and 1 certificate in NLP, that is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, yes that is a mouthful, but it is basically a method where we use different techniques to reprogramming the brain and its reactions, it is nothing dangerous, but then some people think it sounds like something that they would not want to touch, I can promise that I will not use it on you without you wanting it, and I will explain every step of the way if you are not comfortable with it already, and never pressure anyone to use this. As I said above, at all stages in our work together, it will be your decision. I can tell about available possibilities available to you, but if you do not want to use that or are opposed to something, you just have to tell me, and we will look at other options. My main focal points are as follows:

Transforming personal life

Financial Planning and Investments

Unsuccessful Network Marketeers

Small Business Management

While they are my special areas, I will will work with any client, and we will touch on all areas of life. Hope to hear from you soon.

… I have learned a lot from some of the best coaches in the industry:

Steve G Jones
Tony Robbins
Mark Januszewski
Ajit and Neeta

I look forward to working with you, and where the work will take us, we will find out as we go along. But it all starts with a free Initial Consultation, which you can book at this page. Just look at the menu at the top of the page or find a link here: JUST CLICK HERE and you can access my booking form, and we will meet on Zoom, Skype or Messenger, all by your choice. I will contact you to let you choose the platform we meet on. If you are in Bergen in Norway, we can meet in person, but that will be after the corona virus situation has passed.