Hi all,
I know you have come to read about me, here are some hard facts about me;
– Run a few businesses from I was 20 years old
– Studied Economics and Finance degrees 1996-2002
-Thought from 2002 – 2013, in Economics, Accounting, Marketing and Management

This was good times, I lived in New Zealand at that time, and this is where I feel the most at home in the whole world. But right now, life has placed me in a great land, called Norway, and in a little city, called Bergen.

I can help you with 3 things:
– Your Health
– Your Personal Development
-Your Business Development

If you choose to book an appointment with me, you can call me on Whatsapp, on +4791583939 or go to the booking site and book an appointment with me.

We will have a talk about the different sides of what you want to work with, can I help, I will, if I cannot, I will tell you straight. There is no way that I would take on a challenge that was too big. Why would I? I would risk my good name and reputation. And for what? Well, I guess, there is no challenge that is greater than what I have met so far. I am happy to tell you that it is not impossible to achieve whatever you want to achieve. Let us begin to set our goals, call me on Whatsapp or send me a booking on the website. I am ready for you. Here is my life motto:

Lifes to short, play hard

I have learned a lot from some of the best coaches in the industry:

Steve G Jones
Tony Robbins
Mark Januszewski
Ajit and Neeta

I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU A S A P!!! BOOK on my Booking Appointment Page