Covid-19 and Life Coaching

Hi All,

A new week, a new possibility, but still Covid-19 is riding us as a night mare.

It has started to come a lot of great positive stories out on Facebook, lots of progress is happening. Not that I hear any of that in the media, but I try to stay focused on the positive, at the same time as I take all the precautions I can. Business still must go on.

Many businesses has stopped up completely. It is a night mare for the world economy. There seems to be nothing happening, but there must be things happening. There is being produced food that we can eat, or we would have a problem very soon, there is many people being sick, and an awful amount of people dying from or with the Covid-19 Virus. It is awful to see the results of a few people eating wild animals spreading throughout the world. What will happen to the world after this? Some say we will become a better world, some say it will be a financial crisis. Who knows. Time will tell. I have learned to not worry too much by saying 4 words: ¨This to will pass¨.

Covid-19 has closed down the whole world, it has been told that most people that die are old people, but at the same time there are lots of young people both being sick, and also very sick with the virus. Our business is effected in that we cannot do face-to-face coaching at present, but thanks to the technology we have excess to the second best form of face-to-face communication. We have Zoom, Skype and Facebook Messenger, and can communicate with people while seeing them on all three platforms. So there is lots of ways to communicate with clients. We have found that there is an increased need to help people take their focus away from the fear that they feel about the Covid-19 virus. It is important to be careful, and it is important not to be fearful. Why? Well, fear stops your natural thinking and can in the end, in fact, be the reason you create sickness and disorders. So it is important to keep a positive mind set going. No matter how hard it gets.

Now when the Corona Virus is very bad in some countries, it is great to see the many happy stories that come out from Facebook, of course, there are sad stories that should not be forgotten too, but there are many positive stories, not just about people surviving, but about research that is progressing towards possible cures for the sickness the Corona Virus brings. Some medicines we already have developed seems to be working against the virus at different stages in the progression, like the Malaria drug and the Ebola drug, meaning the drug that did not work successfully against Ebola, but it seems to now help in the fight against Corona. It is great to see how the researcher are now scrambling to help out in the fight against Corona. Hopefully one day we will have a way to be sure nobody will die from this virus any longer. We can only hope so far, but we see a chance for it, if we keep our minds healthy and positive.

For my business as a Life Coach, I have cancelled all live face-to-face call, and are only booking online face-to-face calls, it is nearly the same, except when people are jumping away from the screen. Of course, I miss the relationship one can build when one are in the same room, but due to my health risks I am not taking the risk of being in the same room as anyone just at the present. I am not scared, I am only positively careful. It is important not to let our minds slip into being or feeling scared or fearful. There is a lot of danger in doing that. We have to remain positive and hope that things will pass. If you like a free consultation with me on Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger (I prefer the two first one) then you can go to the link on top of the page to book an initial consultation, there is a booking system there where you can book a time that suit you.

If anyone want to learn to remain calm in these crazy time, I will be just happy to be part of the team that support you, and get out on the other side. I particularly focus my life coaching on home business building and personal development, it is great to work with people and as they said at Mindvalley, everyone needs a coach, just even to bounce ideas off. To challenge oneself. It is just that we do, we help you see what you do not find out of yourself. Sometimes I hear people say that it is strange to have a coach, but I insure you, it does help us in life. Especially if we are working on a project. We can do a lot of things we did not even know we could do, and with encouragement from a person from the outside, it increases your capacity, and it reminds you.

A final thought on Corona Virus, and these special times. We think it is important to remember, that there are lots of good work going on, there is a lot to be said for finding a plan B in life, and we are all becoming aware of the fact that there are so many risks just focusing on one income stream. So remain positive, hope for the best in life, and do not become fearful or let these days overwhelm you, have a great day, and hope to hear from you.

Together Everyone Achieves More – So too can YOU!

Have a great week.


I am a Life Coach, I live in Norway now, have been a teacher, lecturer, academic leader, worked in Banking, and in Call Center. Now I am sick, and had to slow down, so now I do my business over the internet mostly.

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  1. Nice to hear your thoughts, John. Keep sharing your reflections and observations! Regarding coaching, I have coached over the phone for many years and I find that preferable to either in person or video/facetime/zoom. I find you an really connect well and get laser-focused on the other when you don’t have the distraction of all the visuals. Contrary to what people might think, you can still pick up mood and emotion and reactions very well over the phone also. Just preferences, but I agree you definitely don’t need to be in person! All the best on your endeavors, and I look forward to hearing more! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your input, I will probably use the telephone as well at times, but I also feel it is important to at least have seen the person live one time so I know who I am dealing with.

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