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I am so happy that you are here with me. Are you a little worried about thinking about starting a coaching relationship? What is it all about? Why should I need a coach? How can a coach help? These are some of the questions that I will try to show a bit about in this blog post. It is most fun and excitement, and not something one need to be worried about.

For many a coaching relationship would be something completely new. And new things can be a bit frightening. Not that we will admit to it. We just avoid it and in that way, we avoid having to deal with the situation. Many people live in quiet desperation instead of doing something about what they know needs to be done something about. It is not a nice world out there. People do not want to face what is foreign and might seem frightening. What is a coaching relationship all about? I would define it more like a good friend that keeps you accountable when it comes to working towards what you want, and I would not say that that sounds either frightening or scary, in fact, that is what I want my best friends to do. Keep me accountable to what I want to achieve. It is fun to develop your life, to achieve new goals and to experience new heights of life quality. If I stay the same, I feel bored, I feel like life is not worth living. Remember, life has no meaning, except that which you bring to it.

So what is the coaching relationship and the coaching session, and how does it all work? I try to explain a little about them both. The coaching relationship is between you and the coach, a relationship develops, so it is great if you find a person you like, but are not too close too, that is right, I do not coach friends, there is a reason, you have developed a close relationship already, and it can make it hard to ask the tough questions. That is right, if a coach and a client gets too close, there is a danger that the relationship ruins the power of being a coach. What is the coaching sessions for? That is where we do the work that we need to do to move you towards your goal, we look at the goals you set last time, what has happened, what you have done, and how it worked. We then review and reflect on what happen and whether that made you reach your goal you had set. Did you achieve it? Did you achieve some? Or did you achieve none of what you had planned? No matter what happened, what is the next step? Will you set new goals, will you alter the goal you set, or are you happy with were you are now? It is all up to the client what happens next, we as coaches offer our services, and we are there to help ask questions, help sort resources you may need to look at, and to keep you accountable for reaching your goal. I can for example help you work on your goal, I can question the goals, sometimes we want to achieve a goal that is too much over one week, and we then break them up, and achieve a piece at the time, remember the expression, you can eat an elephant one piece at the time. In the end, we set up a new appointment to meet again to do it all over again.

As you see, the coach can be very useful, in helping out finding resources, it can be resources in form of books, it can be resources the coach has collected or summaries for himself in the past, that can help you. It is often also referring to people like doctors and nutritionists, for example if you want to start a diet, you need to see your doctor before you finally decide that the plan is sound. Remember you as a client do not normal disclose your medical record to your coach, well, as a coach I often know of some of your medical history, but it is not all specifically described and I am not educated as a doctor and can therefore not give you advice in the domain of your personal doctor. It is why you often see advice on healthy food that you should take advice from your doctor before you start eating it. You could have a medical condition that is affected in some way by the healthy supplement you start taking. It is worth knowing of the reactions if nothing more. Doctors do give an expert advice, a coach is not an expert on nutritionist or medical matters. We are not meant to be, and we are supposed to advice our clients to seek professional advice before starting any diet or exercising program, no matter how highly recommended a diet or exercising regime comes. As a coach, I can help you look at how the progress is going of the diet or exercising, but I am only there to hold you accountable in this matter, in other words, I can help you motivate yourself to do things you have planned to do, because you will need to come and tell me whether you did it or not last week, and you do not want to be lying to anyone. The way our minds work, it means we have an extra motivation to execute our plan.

So we have looked at what a coaching relationship and a coaching session is, we have not gone into details in any length of the imagination, my purpose with this blog was to show that it is nothing scary, it is not anything to worry about, and it can be really useful. There is a reason why all successful athletes has a coach. It is also more and more common for successful people to have a coach as well. Remember, everybody started where they are, and work their way towards the top, nobody started at the top. One can be wealthy by inheritage, but nobody can have their thinking done for them.

Hope to hear from you soon. Nothing to be worried about. The Initial Session is free, go to the link on top of the page and click the menu that says Book an Initial Session, it is FREE. Enjoy it.

Have a great week.
Coach Eide
We all can be more, and we all can be what we will to be.


I am a Life Coach, I live in Norway now, have been a teacher, lecturer, academic leader, worked in Banking, and in Call Center. Now I am sick, and had to slow down, so now I do my business over the internet mostly.

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