How are you all doing? I have newly completed Certified Life Coaching training with Steve G Jones, but I have beeen working as a Life Coach for many years, first helping the international students I was educating, second as an Academic Leader and also during my time as a student at University of Auckland, New Zealand, it is incredible exciting to be with someone on a journey to improve themselves or their business.

If you are in the process of improving yourself, then I hope to hear from you, I am sure we can get along, and have a wonderful time, finding your way to where you really want to be.

The booking system is set up, and activated, when you see Book an Initial Consultation in the Menu, you can book an initial consultation. For the time being send me an email.

I hope to see you, we can discuss everything, from price to what we will be doing coaching about. By having an initial consultation there is no guarantees and no promises from either side that we will work together. We have to finish the initial consultation and then set up a contract, it could be you and it could be me, that are not sure that the relationship and task at hand is not a right fit. If we get to an agreement, we sign a contract, and then we work our way to the goal is achieved.

See you soon.
John Eide