I have just become a Certified Numerologist in both level 1 and 2. I therefore, like to offer my services as a reader of your personality shown by Numerology. I knget ow that you can get basic readings done online on the internet, for free, but full reading are very expensive, and I offer full readings, and I offer competibility readings.

The readings I do are also more advanced than the readings you can done for free online, so go to the bottom of the pags and order your full reading now, or if you only want to know about you and loved one, or a college’s compatability, you can ask me that too.

Remember to add birtday and full name in the order form for me to do the analysis faster. Otherwise I need to ask for this and it holds you up in getting your answers. I further expect you to pay to my PayPal account before I send you your reading. I will send you an email with the invoice.

If you want the reading in Norwegian, give me a word about that too, I can do the reading in Norwegian or English for you. If you want it in another language, the best I can do, is to use translator like Google Translator. I can not guarantee you the quality of this translation, and will send you the English version in addition to the translated version. Hope to hear from you soon.


PACK 1: Your fast basic readings:
Your basic readings, this reading tells who you were at birth and therefore your basic character and traits you have or do not have: Cost is NOK 100 per reading.

PACK 2: Your full reading:
Your full reading will include more than your basic components of your current life. It look at what karmic lessons are missing, and your temperament, you will find out what you need to get control over and how you are doing at present. This cost NOK 250 per reading per person

PACK 3: Compatible Reading:
This reading will look at how you relate to others, this is a reading to find out how you and your partner, friend, work college or other match. You will find the way you relate to the world, and how they relate to the world: Cost NOK 200 per person you want to compare yourself against.

PACK 4: Other Packs:
You can put together your own request, and I will see if it is possible to accommodate your request, if you want to do more than one reading, it might pay to get in touch before you just order the package you want, I might have a chance to give you a discount for a number of reasons, or I might be able to give you a special reading for name etc, so that you pick a good name for your child, and I might be able to compare different partners if you want to choose which one to go for.
Price: Set on time of offer given, due to the fact that it is special request.

I am happy to tell you that I am a member of the Numerology University which you can go to if you like from here.

I am happy to work together with Steve G Jones, and learn both Life Coaching, NLP and Numerology from him.

Future studies I am on my way to study with him are:

  • Business Coaching
  • Hypnosis
  • Ecksonian Hypnosis
  • Virtual Chakra
  • Many more

I have such a trust in Steve G Jones that I have purchased a number of courses from him, and I am so happy to tell you that the courses he sells are so easy to follow, it is noticable that he has a teacher degree, just like me, and it is noticable that he knows what he does.


NB! Include your full name and full date of birth in the message part, for me to be able to do the reading for you immediately, otherwise I need to contact you to get this information before the reading can be done.