Week 13, Help Yourself:

Next after uncluttering properly, is the next step simplifying your life. What should this mean? Today, I did a simplifying move. I have to be going out of my apartment for a while, therefore it was a matter of having to ask friends to help. I had friends that could help, but I did it simpler for everyone. Nobody need to help me, and I do not need to rely on someone else.

This is a great way of simplifying your life. What did I do? I went and delivered all the fish I had in my aquarium to the fish shop. This way, I can help the fish survive the best way possible. I can relax and know that I do not kill the fish. I do not have to rely on anyone to help me, and the one that would have helped me, are relieved from having to help me.

In fact, I am sure the person that want to help me, would be pleased to be able to help. However, why should I bother him and his life. In other words, make his life less simple. It would not take a lot of time doing it, however, it might be a thing that would make him think that there was something to do. This is making your mind cluttered.

It is not nice to clutter somebody elses mind. Neither is it good to clutter your mind. As we have worked on the two previous weeks. It is much better to simplify all our lives. And that is what I have done by doing what I did. In addition, the fish shop is happy to receive a few fish, that they can sell and earn a few extra dollars on. This is not the main issue.

The main issue is, everybody is doing what they already are doing, and nobody is cluttering their brains. The fish lives, just the thought of killing the fish was horrifying. The fish get to go to the shop, be sold, and get to be enjoyed by others, and enjoy another world than what they would have got here. It would have been very boring, due to me not being able to work the aquarium the way I would want to do, to keep it a livly and happy aquarium, with lots of fish and great plants and variations in the way it looks inside, and with changing filters regularly.

On the other hand, there are 3 people (most likely 4+ people being better off), the shop keeper, their customer who buy the fish (could be a family), my friend helping me, and myself. Is it not great? We have simplified all our lifes. The customer, buy the fish they want. The shop keeper earn a few extra dollars, my friend have more spare time, and I do not have a bad conscience for not doing the best I can for the fish in my aquarium.

This is great way of simplifying my and others life. In addition, I have cancelled the TV, and I have cancelled the washing service as I will not be needing it for a few months. Talk about making life easier. In addition, I am making life easier in others ways too. I look forward to it.

Always, look for ways to simplify your life. Make life as simple as you can. Enjoy life, do the things you love to do. That is the way it should be. If you enjoy life, you are living life to the fullest, then, that is living the way it should be.

Have a great week, simply your life,

All the best,
John Eide
Life Coach

Week 12, Help Yourself

Hi All,

Thank you for reading my blog, and hopefully you may use my services in the future. You can book an initial session by clicking on the menu at the top of this page which says Book an Appointment.

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This course, The Master Key Experience, is the course I have taken the last year, and it is fantastic, it involves creating a better life for yourself, and to create a path for your life. I am so lucky, I have become a life time member of this course. I wish everyone in the world was on this course. What you learn, is to become a self-reliant thinker, and do as you want. This is the greatest course in the world. Here is the link again; The Master Key Experience. We will publish this link as often as we can between now and the start of the course September 27th, 2020.

Now we are to go back to what we normally write about. We are going to look at the point we are looking at today. We looked last time about thinking about getting rid of the things we do not need. Get rid of it, but we need to look at this a little bit deeper. Why? Because we normally do not do this well enough first time we are reminded about it.

So here we go again, we need to clean our house, our work place and all other spaces we utilize. Why? Because it gives us more energy. That is it, more energy for what, well, that is your choice. The fact that we get more energy from one place, does not mean that we need to use the energy in a specific area. The energy we gain from a clean home can be used in any area we want to. This is the advantage. We therefore can say it in this way:

A clean home, can create a smarter head

John Eide

It is in fact a truth not often looked at. We do not learn this at school, maybe it is not a positive thing to tell the young people, because they like messy rooms. However, it is important to be able to know that having a clean room gives room for more learning at school. This is an amazing fact, the fact that cleaning your room actually will make you smarter at what you use your energy on, and if you have extra energy, you can be that much smarter than the others depending on what the person actually use the energy on. So a person with lots of energy do not need to be smarter, it depends on what he use his energy on.

In fact, I can see that this is the reason why I was so lacking in energy when I was little. When I moved to Australia, I had to learn to clean my space, due to being married to a woman that did not like a messy room. This was a hard thing for me to accept, but love forced me to do as the woman asked me too. When I did, I noticed that I got more energy, I felt it on my body. This gave me a hope that I could go back to the University, when I moved to New Zealand I found out that it was easy to get in, and I could study my favorite subject too, and I went for it.

I got to study my favorite subject, Economics, and in the end, I even got to study it in a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Hurray.

All the best to you all, remember to get extra energy, and start the Master Key Experience for only US$1.

Hope to see you in the course, thank you all.

We meet all on September 27th, 2020, in the Master Key Experience.

All the best,
John Eide
Life Coach

Week 11, Help Yourself

Hi All,

Thank you for following me, and I want to congratulate you for helping yourself. We are now at a road block. These steps might be harder to take than the last 10 has, we are going to start with things that are a step up from what we have done until now.

The first step we are going to do in this new series, is getting more energy. We know from the basic studies I have done lately that the human soul is energy. We need energy to feel good. We need energy to create things. We need energy to feel better. In fact, energy is the reason we feel happy or sad. Based on this, it is incredible important to free energy to create a better life.

The natural question then is, how do we do this? The answer is very easy, incredibly easy. In fact it is so easy we will normally not believe it. Shall we keep you waiting any longer? No I think so.

To create more energy, it is important to have a clean house, a house where you live, or where you work. How is the place around you? Is it clean and easy to see? Is it messy? This question is not about your mum coming to clean up your room, like when I was little.

The fact is that mess in any place can steal your energy. It is incredible, but the mess in one place, spill over into your life in all other areas. I can imagine how my mum felt when her house was overfilling with plants.

To be convinced about this subject I did a little experiment in the weekend. I can only say that I am now convinced that this actually works. The experiment was to clean up the table in the living room and the second seat in the sofa, in other words, the seat that I do not sit on myself.

I moved the papers, I cleaned the dishes and made space on the table. I also took the papers that I am reading all the time and the books that I have chapters I am reading in, I cleaned them up, sorted them. And to have a final say, I feel like I have more energy, I am more alert, in fact, I think I will keep going, clean up my act more, and keep things tidy. It is a need in our life. And one step we must do if we shall have the energy to do what we need to do.

Have a great week everyone
John Eide
Life Coach

Week 10, Help Yourself

We have looked at how to set your boundaries, we have looked at why this is important. We have also looked at making a list of things that annoy you, and removing them one by one. We have also looked at how to raise your standards and last week we took for us the fact that all things can be turned to be a good thing.

So, having done all this, it is great to be in this place. People do not do things you do not like to you and you do not do things that you do not like any longer either. This is a great place to be, and even things that you earlier would say was not so nice, are all now feeling great, because you have learned that all things are happening for something good. Can you imagine anything that is missing?

Yes, one thing. You need something to look forward to every day. What can it be? It can be anything you like. In fact, it better be something you like. Like for me, it is feeding the fish. It is really nice to feed the fish and see them enjoying the food. They are really great and entertaining to look at them when they get food.

Another thing that is great is my chess games. I get to play chess every day. I enjoy life, it is great to be able to sit and play chess every day. It is good to see the game evolve. It is wonderful to get the feeling that you get when you bring home the win, and the rating keep shooting in the roof. It is so wonderful to see the result of the chess games I play. We will see, at present the games are shooting to a new record level. I am so proud, I am now at 2237 at present. It makes me happy to see that the rating is above where it ever has been before.

Another thing to look forward to is to travel somewhere. In October I will travel if the Covid 19 allows me to fly. I am so happy to get the chance to travel. Can you imagine anything to look forward to more than flying? Especesially as I am a traveller? I love flying, I love travelling, I love driving, no matter what I do, I love travelling full stop.

In the past I have used things like making my kitchen look great or clean. I have used the fact that I could get out of bed. I could look forward to reading the book I should read. It does not matter what you think the thing to look forward to is. You can use whatever you like. Anything you can look forward too, and be excited about. Go for it.

Look forward to it, and feel the change of every day.

All the best all,
John Eide
Life Coach