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Hi All,

I am so happy to announce my nearing the end of the Master Life Coaching course, it has been so wonderful to learn all this new material. I am so happy to take in new useful learning, and get to transfer the knowledge to my clients. To create a better life for my clients is my most high goal in life. Today I want to talk about the importance of taking personal responsibility in changing your life.

I live and breathe for helping people from all walks of life, to increase there quality of life. To find their purpose in life, to learn how to move towards it and to create the happiness life was meant to be, but unfortunately so many of us do never seem to experience.

I have through many different situations been coaching people from my students when I was a lecturer at different small universities in New Zealand, to my daughter when she grew up, and a lot of my friends that I studied with in the University of Auckland. It has been a lot of fun, not only creating a plan for them, but to see them fulfilling their goals and creating a wonderful feeling of success. That is what my goal is for every client I take on now also.

I mean what else should be the meaning of being a coach? Of course, some clients come to me with hopes that are unrealistic, but that is usually not a problem. It is a fun challenge to see the person think what they want, and to start building their dream. I have managed to build more than a dozen people’s dream to a level where they did not think they could go. So, I am confident we can get things to happen that did not look possible at the outset. If fact, if I did not think that would be possible, I am sure, I would not be a coach. Because the fun thing in coaching is to create a life that is more than what you think you could do, from a start which was not all that you wanted it to be in the first place.

In life, there are many situations that arise that makes things not seem to be so good. The important thing is that we do not start thinking it is someone else’s fault, but take personal responsibility for our situation. Why? Well, first of all, if you do not take personal responsibility for something, well, then there is nothing you can do, you will forever just be a victim. I have had situations in my life where I have sat myself to become a victim, and when I started looking at doing something about it, I had to understand that I could not see it that way. I had to turn it around, take personal responsibility to for what the situation was, and start altering it. It was difficult in the beginning, but as the years has progressed it has become easier and easier to take this responsibility upon myself. It sort of becomes a thing one do.

Secondly, when you want to do something about something, and you know you are responsible for something, you can plan a way out. You can set goals, for when to change the situation. Something you cannot change immediately, but by starting with what you can change, many other things will change little by little, too. It is very important to get guidance in such cases, and I am here to help if you like to have some help in this area. I have build up an expertise in this area, kind of, by personal experience. There has been many a situation I have been building my way out of, so, if you need, grab a pen and paper and get in touch. My first initial consultations are free, and can be ordered here on my website. Look for the menu for booking an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.

Finally, only the thing that we are personally responsible for, can we change. It is a true fact, you cannot change another person or another thing, but yourself. One thing I have learned along the way, is that by changing yourself, you often find that the way things looks are not always correct, and that things can solve themselves just from small changes. Yes, some things take a long time to change, but many, unbelievably many things can solve themselves just learning to asking a few questions, and that, is something we learn a lot about in our courses in Life Coaching. I am so happy and proud to be a student of such a great Life Coach, one which has been a Life Coach for a long time. Dr Steve G Jones, he is not just a Life Coach, he also work with Hypnosis and NLP, too, but he is very knowledgeable about Life Coaching, too.

In the end, I will say this, if you have anything you like to change in your life, and you have not found a way to change it yet, yourself, there might need to be someone helping you to find the way out at the other end. I will not take your money and run, I will work with you and help you, until you succeed, honoring my commitment to help you, and want you to succeed, I want you, too, completely work on your schedule, meaning I want you to set the limits for what we work on, even though it might be harder that way, but you are the boss, I am your coach, thank you for reading this blog post. I want you to create the success you were meant to be.

Let us do it together. One step at the time. All the way.



What is happening with me

Hi people,

Now I am soon ending a very important program I have been going thru, it is so powerful, you would not believe it if you do not do it yourself. It is a 6 months program, helping you realizing what is real self-development. It is not really self-development that you would think of normally. That is if you read self-development books. Have you been reading them? Well, you will be better of listing your name with me, and let me teach you step by step or let me guide you to take the course with the leaders I am doing right now.

On and up, I have been doing more than that, too. For those of you that are into MLM, I am learning the real work that you should be learning to do it properly. I can teach you the techniques that you should have learned from your upline, but they are more busy talking terminology and not going anywhere themselves. This course is mounted towards helping people to build it big in MLM, and as a teacher I can teach you the skills required if that is what you want to achieve.

In addition, I have taken an introductory course at New Skills Academy, and another introductory course in Life Coaching, in both I gained the qualification as a Life Coach. In addition I am doing a Master Life Coach course as it is. I am learning, as usually, from the best there is. So, that I have the confidence to go out there and tell you that I can help you. I will today open up my booking system, there is available hours that you can book. This is for the introductory session. In it we will discuss, what you want, where you are, what motivates you to get from A to B and also tell you the how you are going to work with me, on your own, and finally what I expect back from you, and an important matter of prices and whether you want to go for a single lesson deal or a multiple lesson deal. It is up to you. My goal is to have you able to do this on your own as fast as possible.

Further studies are taking place, I am now also going to learn from the best in the business, about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and about Hypnosis. These are instrumental techniques we can add to the Life Coaching sessions if we need to.

All together this makes for a very powerful combination, and I am pretty certain I can be of assistance for you. That be it in small business, MLM or in your personal life, which are my 3 specializations, for the time being. I can be adding areas as I go, but I want to remain focused on the areas that I can do first of all.

My background, you can read more in about me, is in Teaching/Lecturing, Coaching and Management. I have learned a lot from Tony Robbins thru the years, I have learned a lot from Robert Kiyosaki for investment and life principles, I have learned a lot from Mark Januszewski, and I have learned a lot from life of hard knocks, through running my own businesses and from growing up in a not so perfect situation, but I turned out alright in the end and that is the most important part.

Let us get together, go and book a Introductory Session at the top of the page, and we will meet on your choice of internet surface; Facebook Messenger, Skype or Zoom (only max 45 min each session).

Look forward to us building a strong foundation, and a straight through to the top and great success.

Have a wonderful day, the world is great, we are strong, whole, perfect, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy, and we get better and better every day, all year around. Take your time, think it through, and join me for a FREE Introductory session to see if we can be a fit.

All the best for your life